About the brothers

Good day brother,

The Redfeet brothers
We are the Redfeet brothers, three brothers with a dream. We want to set up a business and run it successfully together (seems simple right?). With our business we want to make a positive impact on our planet.

We were inspired by the 70's since our mom and dad used to tell us stories about that time. The time of The Oil Crisis, Richard Nixon and all that stuff.... But also the time of crazy clothing like the turtleneck and wide pants, Funk and Soul music, and eating cheese fondue during summer!

"We were inspired by the 70's.... the time of the turtleneck and eating cheese fondue during summer!"

We wanted to get this positive vibe from the 70's and turn it into something contemporary in the form of a swim short. We want to produce high quality swimwear that lasts, using the most sustainable materials and unique designs.

Our swim shorts needed to be better than competition in every way, that's why we use recycled plastic which is turned in a high quality fast drying fabric with twill peach finish. That's also why we added zippers to every pocket, so none of your valuables will fall out when wearing the short. And that is why we ship our swim short in a RePack, to minimize our impact on the planet. And that's why we always look for new ways of improving our products.

"Our swim shorts needed to be better than competition in every way"

We are three brothers, Floris, Michiel and Hessel. Three Dutch giants as friends and foes would describe us. We started this business in 2017, and now after some struggles and changes in our lives we are ready to rock!

Our idea is: Helping to better the world with compelling projects. Starting with swim shorts, we want to keep improving our impact, lessen our footprint, and putt smiles on people's faces. 

Hope you enjoy our swim shorts!

Swim safe brother