Our idea is: Helping better the world with compelling projects. Starting with swim shorts, we want to keep improving our impact, lessen our footprint, and putt smiles on people's faces.

By using durable fabric and re-using the RePack envelopes we save a lot of extra material so we all can go surfing. Check out below how it works

Repreve fabric

Super sustainable fabric, made from 100% recycled PET bottles. We are super proud that we are able to use Repreve fabric in our swim shorts. Giving you the best quality fabric with a better consciousness. One swim short is made out of about 11 bottles. Check out more on their website

RePack packaging

You'll receive your bathing trousers to your doorstep, in a RePack, a reusable and returnable packaging (up to 20 times). To help us get rid of single-use waste, all you have to do is to drop the empty RePack envelope in a postbox for free, anywhere in the world! 

Check out this page on how you are able to send the RePack back.

What are the CO2 savings of a RePack?

400g-200g vs 32g CO2

RePack is returned to reuse in letter size. Once returned, it removes the need to manufacture one single-use packaging from this planet.

Based on International Postal Company data sending a letter has a carbon footprint of 37 grams of CO2 per shipment.

Manufacturing a new cardboard box produces between 100 - 500g CO2 and one plastic bag between 100 - 200g CO2.
Returned packaging has a smaller carbon footprint than single-use packaging by a big margin.

Made from recycled material

RePack is designed to be reused at least 20 times. That means the materials and the design are long-lasting and timeless.

RePack is made from recycled PP, same material as the iconic blue Ikea bag. Material is tested and chosen for its durability and ease of use.

RePack's manufacturing has a bigger CO2 impact than single-use packaging plastic bag or a cardboard box, but the return method makes RePack unbeatable in environmental performance, both in reduced CO2 but also trash.