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Hey there little brother,

We have some smart and nifty advice for you about your bathing trousers and how you should take care of them!


A smart move is to keep your swim shorts on when taking a hot and steamy shower. You will wash away the salt or the chloride and keep the colors on your short fresh and sparkling. 

Who likes an itching butt? Me certainly not. Although we use quick drying fabric, the best way to prevent an itch is to dry off your butt with a towel, or take a nice walk on the beach and let the sun run its magic! 

In a hurry to head home so you can grab a milkshake with your date? Put your wet swim short in the pouch so the rest of your stuff stays dry. 

 Are you lacking any musical inspiration, don't you worry, the Redfeet brothers got your back. Check out our playlist and enjoy our groovy tunes. Maybe you can do a little dance which will end in a romance?